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Zavi Apfelbaum is a contemporary artist who was raised in Los Angeles, California and studied visual art at Columbia University in NY.


She is drawn to the play of light and reflective surfaces, the startling beauty in the mundane and overlooked, the isolated instant, gesture, or expression that evokes emotion. Her painting style is a melding of observation, impression and inspiration.


"I aspire to remain constantly open and receptive to the element that is calling to be observed at a given time in a certain motif. It is then my obligation to be true to that calling, give it my attention and observation, and by doing so hopefully give the energy that yearns to be expressed a voice."

Zavi currently lives and works in Israel where she is inspired by the local landscape of the Judean Hills. 


Her work has been featured in solo exhibitions and group show nationally and abroad, and her paintings are in public and private collections in Europe Asia and America.

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